EZ Tabs for the 2011 NEC Books

Price: $11.00

The best reference tabs you can get for the 2011 NEC®. Use all 93 tabs, or index only those areas you refer to most. Color-coded by chapter so you can find information faster and easier. Can be used with the NEC® Softcover, Spiralbound, Handbook, or Looseleaf versions.

Top Reasons Why You Need EZ TabsTM

  1. Purchase tabs and NEC Code book together, and save on both!
  2. Saves time when looking up a Code question - be more efficient on the job
  3. Helps you become familiar with your Code book
  4. If you are preparing for a licensing exam, EZ TabsTM help cut down on studying time
  5. EZ TabsTM are color coded and designed to work with the NEC chapters
  6. Tabs are durable and designed to resist tearing-good for on-the-job use
  7. Best value on the market

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