The bond amount required by the Electrical Licensing and Inspection Unit (ELI) is $25,000. The price covers the full two year bond period. MEA has had a strong bond program for over 20 years. An A++ company, Federated Insurance, located in Owatonna, Minnesota, underwrites the two-year bond program. There are several companies out in the marketplace that advertises the bond but we feel that in terms of dependability and peace of mind, none compare to MEA/Federated. Here are several reasons we feel you should be a part of our bond program.

  • Saves You Paperwork! Saves you time and hassles. All contractors sending in their paperwork for license renewal to the Minnesota ELI simply print MEA/Federated Insurance on the top of the ELI ’s bond form and return it to the ELI. When your application for a bond has been approved by the Federated underwriting team, MEA will immediately notify the ELI and your license will be renewed. How could it get easier?
  • Open to all electrical contractors! Members and nonmembers alike can participate in our program.
  • No costly delays! The professionals at Federated and MEA have had this program with the ELI for years and will often resolve any problems without you even knowing about them. They know who to call and what needs to be done. It makes it much easier to make sure your license is renewed on time.
  • Competitive pricing! This year MEA and Federated Insurance have kept prices at competative levels. Our member price is $380 and the nonmember price is $480.

Click the correct link below to download all of the correct forms you need to apply for a bond.

I have never renewed my bond with MEA (click here for additional form)

If you haven’t received information on the MEA/Federated Insurance Bond Program and want more information, call the MEA office at (800) 829-6117 or (612) 827-6117.

Electrical Contractors:

Download MEA's electrical contractor bond form

Technology Systems Contractors:

Download the Technology Systems Contractors Bond


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