Special Edition Issue

by Clayton Schenck, Chair, Board of Directors

Members, this July issue is packed with the usual valuable information that you are accustomed to receive. Nonmembers, the issues you receive are also filled with great information; however, you receive a redacted version. This month we decided to include ALL of the information for ALL of our readers!

We want nonmembers to get a taste of what they are missing out on! We’ve also included a membership application that we hope you’ll fill out and return to the office!

We hope you find some good information inside. Enjoy!


Membership Benefits

Clara and the staff always have their eyes open for ways to make our lives, as contractors and business owners, easier. Plus, you can pass on some of these benefits to your own employees! Offering benefits is key in attracting and keeping good employees. Are you taking advantage of these Association Programs?



Our Partner: Federated Insurance

• Commercial, general liability, life/disability/annuity, commercial auto, errors & omissions, umbrella

• Workers compensation

• Business succession and estate planning

Federated Insurance and the Electrical Association have been working together successfully for generations! They support our association with generous sponsorships, and because the Association and Federated have an affiliate relationship as well, by supporting them, you are also supporting the Association. And they are very generous with us year after year!! Thank you for using and trusting Federated Insurance!

Learn more! Call Federated’s main line and ask for your Local Representative at (800) 533-0472.


Association Health Care Plan

Our Partner: North Risk Partners

Association members have another option to offer a health insurance plan to their employees called Trovia.

• Pre-tax plan that can reduce the employer’s FICA costs and the employee’s state & federal tax amounts

• Allows the employee flexibility in choice of coverage

Learn more! Contact Gary Helm at (651) 379-7906 or email him at [email protected]


401(k) Savings Plan

Our Partner: Northwestern Lumber Association

Association members can start a 401(k) plan for themselves and their employees. You’ll save about $10,000 immediately—the cost of having to set up your own program.

• Fiduciary liability, plan expenses, and many administrative tasks will be managed by the program

• Matching contributions!

• Safe harbor options at a fraction of the cost

Learn more! Contact Dan Gardner at (612) 743-4961 or email him at [email protected]


Fuel Program

Our Partner: Holiday Stationstores

• Fuel rebates & no fees

• Security features

• Detailed tracking

• Car wash discounts

Learn more! [email protected]



Post Your Job Openings

Our Partner: Webscribble

• Ready-made audience of talented job seekers

• Find Minnesota Journeyworkers, Masters, Estimators, and more!

• Members of the Association can select from short-term or long-term subscriptions at a discounted rate

Learn more! Access the job board via the Electrical Association’s webpage: www.electricalassociation.com/CareerCenter



Coming Soon! Credit Card Processing/Digital Marketing Tools

Our Partner: Spot On

• Members will save on credit card processing costs

• Spot On provides a suite of products to make digital marketing easy

• Spot On will also perform a review of your current provider and often identify $100/mo savings in fees and unnecessary costs.

Learn more! We are close to inking the deal for you, and we’ll update you as soon as we can!


The partnerships we’ve developed help the Association itself too! Because of the affiliate relationship we have with them, by supporting these companies, you are also supporting the Association. If you find a need for their services, please consider giving them a call.

Besides all of the unseen, intangible benefits such as time saved, relationships built and fostered with important industry professionals and agencies, peer-to-peer networking and so on, membership with the Electrical Association delivers TANGIBLE assets. Money saved! Valuable benefits you can offer to your own employees!

Our job as an association is to help you access these benefits, so please do not hesitate to give the office a call if you have questions. They will gladly point you in the right direction!

(612) 827-6117