Electrical Apprenticeship Training Course—
Invest in Apprentice Training Now (Not Four Years from Now)

Submitted by Alex Hyatt, National Sales Manager


Four years ago, you were fortunate enough to hire a couple first-year apprentices. They showed great motivation and learned quickly enough from the get-go to the point that you have been able to grow your business some. But it’s a challenge to find the time to effectively train them outside of what gets covered daily on the job. Nevertheless, you chug along, recommending that they study the code at home and begin “thinking about” the journeyworker exam.

Four years later, being maxed on your apprentice ratio, you are having to turn down jobs that you’d otherwise jump at.

Your pipeline of potential work is promising. You’re ready now more than ever to grow your business. But there’s just one problem. Those apprentices you hired four years ago can’t pass the exam. Unless you’re extremely lucky and can hire a journeyworker, you’re stuck in a rut.

The story is all too familiar, which is why now, and not four years from now, is the time to invest in an Apprentice Training Program. With the Electrical Association’s Online Apprentice Training, apprentices dedicate 6 hours a week outside of work to related electrical training, with 3 hours of online class and 3 hours of homework and quizzes. Upon completion of the 4-year training, your apprentices will be ready to take the exam.

Online Apprentice Training is preferred by contractors for the following reasons:

• Use of live instructors in a convenient online format and held in the evenings. Apprentices can attend class right from the comfort of their own home or while on the road with no additional travel required.
• Time provided during every class for questions and answers, as well as comments from other students.
• Proper training helps you avoid code violations and expensive rework on jobs.
• A great career development tool. Helps contractors determine who is motivated and likely to become a licensed electrician.
• There is a greater chance that the apprentice will remain employed with the company and are less likely to go to a competitor.
• Apprentices who stay the course will receive 4 years of on-the-job training as well as 144 hours of related electrical training per year.

So start now, and not four years from now! Investing in training for your employees means investing in the future of your business. Trained employees are more productive, make fewer mistakes, have increased job satisfaction and allow you to grow your business.

Electrical Association members receive a substantial discount on tuition and books for each apprentice enrolled in training.

 Classes start in September and we are accepting enrollments now. To sign up your apprentices, visit the apprentice page or call us at 612-827-6117.