Scale Master Pro

Scale Master Pro
The Scale Master Pro XE makes it easy to do Linear, Area and Volume takeoffs with speed, accuracy and confidence when estimating, bidding or planning. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold, and the dual LCD displays make it much easier to read. The Scale Master Pro XE provides transfer capabilities from plans, blueprints and maps as well as out of scale drawings.

The Scale Master Pro XE professional digital plan measure helps you:

Dramatically Cut Take-Off Time
Speed Estimates
Improve Profit
Reduce Errors
Improve Crew Productivity
Unlike "old fashioned" scales or rulers, the Scale Master Pro XE is a digital and multi-functional device. Yet, it's highly accurate, portable, and easy-to-use! Our newest model contains 91 architectural, engineering, map & metric blueprint scales, simpler & enhanced features, and even PC interface capability- to help you estimate like a pro! It's an "all-in-one" take-off tool.
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