Electrical Training at the 2020 Expo - *POSTPONED*

Presented by the Electrical Association and North Central Electrical League

Tuesday, April 14 & Wednesday, April 15
Track 1: NEC Updates Part 1-4  (Approved in MN, IA, ND, SD, NE, WY, MT
Track 2: Grounding & Bonding, Motor Installations and Overcurrent Protection (Approved in MN, IA, SD, NE, WY

Thursday, April 16
NFPA 70E Safety Training - 2018 (3 hours of Safety, not approved for CE's) 



 Tuesday, April 14  Track 1   Track 2
 8am - 9:55am NEC Updates Part 1  Grounding and Bonding 1
 10:10am - 12pm NEC Update Part 1  Grounding and Bonding 2
 12pm - 12:45pm  Lunch Break  Lunch Break
 12:45pm - 2:40pm  NEC Update Part 2  Grounding and Bonding 3
 2:55pm - 4:50pm  NEC Update Part 2  Grounding and Bonding 4

Wednesday, April15  Track 1   Track 2
 8am - 9:55am NEC Updates Part3  Motor Installation 1
 10:10am - 12pm NEC Update Part3 Motor Installation 2
 12pm - 12:45pm  Lunch Break  Lunch Break
 12:45pm - 2:40pm  NEC Update Part4 Overcurrent Protection 1
 2:55pm - 4:50pm  NEC Update Part4 Overcurrent Protection 2

Thursday, April 16  Track 1 
10:15am - 1:15pm 70 E (2018 Safety Training, No CE's)

Exhibit Hall Show Hours
Wednesday 10am - 6pm 
Thursday 10am - 4pm 

All training registrants are invited to attend the Expo Breakfast, featuring keynote speaker, PJ Fleck. Tickets must be purchased online in advanced. 

For questions please call 952-854-4405 or email info@ncel.org