The Electrical Association is Authorized to Provide Online Electrical Continuing Education Credits in Several States

The Association’s online CE courses help you stay current with the education requirements of your state, whether you are a licensed or unlicensed electrician.

Below is a list of Online Classes offered by the Electrical Association.
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Online Classes

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Online - 2CE-Grounding& Bonding Unlic-8:00a-10:00a12/19/2018CU181219A
Online - 2CE- Grounding & Bonding PT 1-8:00am-10:00am1/8/2019CO190108A
Online - 2CE- Motor, Controls, GFCI -6:30p-8:30p1/14/2019CU19016P
Online - 2CE-Branch Circuit, Feeder, & Calc -8:00a-10:00a1/16/2019CU190116A
Online - 2CE - MEA 2017 NEC Motors, Controls and GFCI Req1/16/2019CU190116P
Online - 2CE- Grounding and Bonding Pt 2 -6:30p-8:30p1/24/2019CO190124P
Online - 2CE- Grounding and Bonding Pt 3 -6:30p-8:30p1/28/2019CO190127P
Online - 2CE- Motors & Transformers -8:00am-10:00am1/31/2019CU190131A
Online - 2CE- Grounding & Bonding Unlic -6:30p-8:30p2/6/2019CU190206P
Online - 2CE- Grounding and Bonding Part 4 -6:30p-8:30p2/11/2019CO190211P
Online - 2CE- Overcurrent Protection Unlic-8:00am-10:00am2/13/2019CU190213A
Online - 2CE- Special Occupancies Pt 1 -6:30p-8:30p2/20/2019CO190220P
Online - 2CE- Branch Circuit Feeder &Calc -6:30p-8:30p2/27/2019CU190227P
Online - 2CE- Special Occupancies Pt 2 -6:30p-8:30p3/13/2019CO190313P
Online - 2CE- Grounding and Bonding Unlic 8:00am-10:00am3/26/2019CU190326A
Online - 2CE - Motors & Transformers - 8:00a-10:00a4/11/2019CU190411A
Online - 2CE - Special Occupancies Part 3 - 6:30p-8:30p4/24/2019CU190424
Online - 2CE - Grounding & Bonding Pt 5 8:00a - 10:00am5/14/2019CU190514A
Online - 2CE -Overcurrent Protection Unlic Person-6:30-8:30p5/22/2019CU190522P
Online - 2CE - NEC Special Occupancies Part 4 -6:30p-8:30p6/4/2019CU190604P

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Online electrical course topics include NEC Changes, residential wiring, commercial and industrial wiring, services, grounding and bonding, overcurrent protection, electrical safety, green energy, and more. 

The Association offers more than 40 online electrical training topics, most of which are approved for continuing education in multiple states.

Take advantage of continuing education credit towards the renewal of licenses for Master, Journeyman, unlicensed workers, Power Limited Technicians and Maintenance Electricians.

See our FAQ page to learn more.

Once you complete a CE course with The Electrical Association, we will email you a Certificate of Completion.  We will also notify your state’s Department of Labor and Industry where the course is approved.

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