Group training specific to your company

MEA is a highly respected and reliable training institution founded in 1928. Our instructors have many years of experience working and teaching in the industry, allowing them to create a deep understanding of the NEC and how it can be applied to specific job situations. Our Private Group Training service provides you with flexibility and service excellence - we work with your schedule and preferences, we come to your location or host an online session for your group, and you choose the date, time and topic.

Focused Solutions for Your Staff

• We provide continuing education credit towards the renewal of licenses for: Unlicensed workers, Master, Journeyman, Power Limited Technicians and Maintenance electricians.
• Choose from over 40 topics, most of which are approved for continuing education credit in multiple states. 
• Classes include a variety of NEC code, power limited and safety topics. 
• Curriculum content can be modified to fit the job scope of your work, so employees can easily apply what they have learned.

Your Partner in Education

• Committed to customer loyalty and satisfaction.
• Auto-schedule your training to reoccur every one or two years


Code Training
Branch Circuit, Feeder & Service Calculations

Electrical Prep Exam Course
Grounding & Bonding (Parts A - E)
Grounding & Bonding for Unlicensed Registered Personnel
Medium Voltage Systems
Motors, Controls & GFCI Requirements for Unlicensed Registered Personnel
Motor Installation Requirements
Motors & Transformers for Unlicensed Registered Personnel
NEC Code Changes
Overcurrent Protection
Residential Calculations (Parts 1 & 2)
Special Occupancies – Hazardous locations (Parts 1 - 4)
Grounding and Bonding for Health Care Facilities 
Intro to PV Systems Emergency Standby Systems Fire Pumps 
Use & Identification of Neutrals & General Wiring Req. for Health Care Facilities 
NEC Code Training for Electrical Engineers

Safety Training
NFPA 70E Safety Training w/Arc Flash

Power Limited Training
PLT Exam Prep Course
PLT Circuits & Systems ( Parts 1 & 2)
PLT Communication Circuits
PLT Electrical Equipment, Cables and Conductors
PLT Grounding & Bonding (Parts A – E)
PLT Update ( Parts 1 & 2)
PLT Circuits Article 725

Electrical Exam Prep Training
Online - 18 hours
Classroom - 16 hours
Classroom - 28 hours (includes pre and post-class exam testing)

For more information on pricing, or to schedule a private training session, please contact our education sales team. We look forward to serving you!

Alex Hyatt


“Thank you for your help setting up a private on-site Arc Flash Safety Class! The instructor did an excellent job with our diverse class. He was well-versed in the new NFPA code and because of his extensive field experience, he knew how the code affects us as electricians and the way we do business. We look forward to working with you in the near future. Thanks again!"
Thomas Reller, USAF & MN National Guard

"The instructor did a wonderful job for our class. He was very well informed and organized. I would recommend MEA's private exam preparation classes to anyone interested in obtaining their Journeyman or Master electrical licences"
Doug Groth, Andersen Corp