Enrolling Your Company into the Registered Apprentice (ETN of MN) Program

How do I sign up?

  1. Employers must be a member of MEA in order to participate in ETN of MN   
  2. Download: Minnesota Standards of Apprenticeship (Employer Agreement and Application (PDF)
  3. Employers must review the ETN of MN Standards and be aware of expectations and responsibilities.
  4. Employers will complete and sign the application (pages 34-36) to the MEA office with application fee to ETN, care of Minnesota Electrical Association.
  5. A credit and background check will be performed on the employer and reviewed by the ETN Board.
  6. The Board will make the decision to accept or reject the application at their next meeting.  The ETN Board meets 3 times per year, so the acceptance process can take up to 6 months depending on the timing of the application and the board meeting schedule.
  7. MEA will notify the prospective company of acceptance into the program.

Recordkeeping Requirements
Once you have been accepted, understand that as a participant in ETN of MN’s Indentured Apprentice Program, the following information must be submitted on a monthly basis:

  1. Apprentice Work Report
  2. Apprentice Safety Training Report

If you are accepted, congratulations! NEXT: Enroll your apprentices in the program!!