Members-Only Resources

Thank you for your membership! Courtesy of Federated Insurance, our partner in safety training, below are some of the membership benefits we've promised you!

Electrical Toolbox Talks
Print individual topics or the full set! Remember to use the Sign-In Form to document your meetings!

Safety AWAIR Program
Download the 10-part program, customize the forms with your company's name, and print for your files!

Amendment: Crystalline Silica Dust Rule (Sept 2017)
Added in September 2017, download the sample policy, enter your company's information, and add it to your AWAIR Manual. NOTICE: To be in compliance, OSHA requires you to create an "Exposure Control Plan" for each task on OSHA Table 1 (see Appendix) performed by any of your employees. Sample Exposure Control Plans are included for two of the Table 1 tasks to guide you. See also OSHA's Small Entity Compliance Guide on the topic.

Video Library
A series of 10-minute bite-size chunks of basic information to help people new to the industry become productive employees faster. 3-minute introduction to our library (video)

MEA Consultant Services
(Members receive discounted rate) Fair Labor Standards Act; Workforce Development; Prevailing Wage Compliance; Registered Apprenticeship

Contractor Webinars
(Members receive discounted rate) Information designed for electrical contractors to help with business needs.

MEA Branding
Associate your company with a long-standing professional association of trusted contractors. Enjoy customer recognition when you market using the MEA trade name.