Masters! Get in Line!

Master licenses expire February 28. MEA is offering two easy ways to get your 16 hrs of continuing education on the 2017 NEC update: (1) MEA has doubled the CLASSROOM schedule for January and February; (2) MEA has added 4-hour ONLINE sessions to meet the demand as masters rush to get their credits completed EARLY.

16 Hours Classroom (Learn more)
MEA brings the classes to you! They will be in the following areas in January and February. Remember these classes are approved for credit in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa*, Nebraska, and Wyoming. (*Classes held in the 2017 calendar year are approved in Iowa.) We will submit your hours to the Department of Labor for you…just tell MEA which states you are licensed in.

• Edina  • Isle / Mille Lacs
• Thief River Falls • Elk River
• Mankato • Fergus Falls
• Worthington • Rochester
• Grand Rapids

Erin from the MEA office makes sure you will have snacks for the morning, a nice lunch from a local restaurant, and an afternoon refreshment. Bring your new code book if you have one. They’ll also have a few for sale on the day of the class—but they don’t take cash at the class, so bring a check or credit card.

4 Hours Online (4 sessions) (Learn More)
If you can’t travel and you prefer online training, MEA has several 4-hour online sessions lined up for you. Each session covers a different part of the Code, so you’ll take Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 to get your 16 hours. Choose from morning and evening sessions. On the day of class, you will be emailed a link to access the online session. And it’s as easy as that. Online training is with a live instructor—not a recording! You will have opportunities to ask questions just like in a classroom.  Note: Iowa license holders—you need a webcam to verify your identity.

Some of the changes to the 2017 NEC we’ll cover
• 110.14(D) Torque requirements when installing terminals
• 210.8(B) GFCI for Personnel
• 210.11(C)(4) Br Circuits required for dedicated garage
• 210.71 Meetings rooms; floor outlets
• Plus many more

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Hear from one of our members—Bob Svare, Svare Professional Engineering, a 25-year member of MEA… “I consider MEA to be the leader in educating and updating electrical personnel in the ever-changing electrical fields.” Svare Professional Engineering has provided investigative services for electrical incidents including personal injury, electrical product failure, fire and explosions since 1976.