Power Into the Future

The most important results produced at MEA’s Winter Conference are as follows:

FREE Membership Package ($694 value) for Electrical Contractors who Join or Renew in 2017!

Federated Insurance & MEA are Celebrating 60 Years of Promoting Safety by offering:

  • FREE 8-hour NEC class taught by MEA. Value $155
  • FREE AWAIR Safety Program & Workbook. Value $499
  • FREE 45 Electrical Safety Meeting Talks CD. Value $40
Every electrical contractor will automatically receive this package for 2017 when MEA receives full payment of dues! Questions? Call Alex at 612-827-6117.

Calculate your Return on Investment for MEA’s dues when you click on JOIN NOW at the www.electricalassociation.com home page.

Government Action . . . Committee Chair Tim Zinniel, the Board, the staff, and Bill Strusinski will finalize MEA’s priorities for the 2017 legislative session as we see how well the Republican majority and the newly elected legislators work with the governor. The Board authorized focus on refinements to the responsible contracting law, ability to develop and hire licensed electricians, special licensing proposal like those for solar, and more.

Workforce Development . . . The Board authorized continued development and funding for tools that electrical contractors can use to bring new people into the electrical trade.

I am closing my final report with a wish for your continued success and a special thank you to:
The presidents, officers, directors, chairs, committee members, staff and their spouses . . . who I have worked with in the last 23 years. They have made MEA great.
Barb Sevak and John Riley . . . for joining me in building a strong legacy of programs and over $500,000 in reserves. The three of us were rewarded with generous appreciation and a standing ovation. It has been a wonderful partnership!

Your current Leadership and new Executive Director Clara DeRosier... as you continue to increase services to members and customers . . . making MEA even greater as you Power Into the Future.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays
—Judi Rubin