Get Involved--Stay Connected!

by Tony Enger
President, MEA Board of Directors

Starting a new business or ensuring that you are constantly up to date on changes occurring in the industry can be stressful.  It is reassuring when you know that you are not in it alone – it truly takes a village. One of the strategic goals for MEA is to enhance the content and programs being delivered to us so that we can go to MEA as our “One-Stop-Shop” for education, training, industry information, etc. We have been working hard to get closer to this goal.

ALERTS on Government Action –  MEA members are receiving weekly updates from our very own lobbyist who is fighting hard for us this legislative session. There are big items that may affect the way that we conduct business in the future and MEA is on the pulse of these issues.

BUILDING a Stronger Industry – at the MEA Spring Conference with my peers.  With changes occurring at a rapid pace, it is great to be able to talk with other smart electrical contractors to find out how they are managing it all. Serving on Committees helps me stay informed and provide input on what else MEA can be doing to assist all of us. The following Committees will be meeting at the upcoming Spring Conference on April 27-29: Workforce Development, Membership, Government Action and Education. (More information can be found on page 6)  

COMPLIANCE –  Winter is made for compliance.  MEA’s newest staff member is a former Department of Labor and Industry employee.  Her time spent as a Labor Investigator and State Program Director in the Labor Standards and Prevailing Wage Division may be the expertise that you need during your next audit.  Now is the time to book her as a consultant to ensure compliance. (More information can be found on page 7)   

There are not enough hours in the day to find all of this information, and not complying with regulatory changes can cost thousands in fines and legal fees. MEA invests a lot in the success of our members, and non-members as well, so that we can thrive in a strong industry. MEA’s been working for you for years so if you are not already a member, I want to encourage you to join the association led by electrical contractors that so strongly supports you. Once you join MEA, you will begin receiving the rest of the benefits – it may be your best business decision.

Minnesota Electrical Association membership application is enclosed in this newsletter. Members, please pass this on to anyone who could benefit from the resources MEA has to offer. Nonmembers, please consider joining MEA. As a member of MEA, you have a unique opportunity to ensure that the voice of electrical contractors is heard on legislative or regulatory issues that impact the industry. Go to MEA’s website > “Join Now” and click “Calculate Your ROI” to calculate your Return on Investment with a membership to MEA. The money you save will add up faster than you think!