Summer Conference Highlights

by Clara DeRosier, Executive Director

It is hard to believe that it is over! So much planning and preparation goes into each and every one of these conferences. This one, in particular, was one that we wanted to add numerous special touches to because MEA hit such a huge milestone as an organization.

Golf, Rolle Bolle, Holly Hoffman, ELVIS…the weekend was jam packed with fun and community. If you missed it, check out the pictures on page 6 for a glimpse into the celebration.

The Committees that met made great progress on their goals and initiatives. The Executive Board selected a strategic plan facilitator for the upcoming plan renewal. The Membership Committee explored an app, engagement scoring and contractor webinars. The Government Action Committee discussed the legislative agenda for 2019. The Workforce Development Committee reviewed progress with Project Build MN and other partnerships moving forward. The Education Committee worked on expanding class offerings and strategies to do so. All in all, the feedback and input that the staff gathered from our committee members was incredibly valuable and I am thankful to be sitting around the table with such intelligent business people who are so dedicated to the industry and this Association.

• Federated Insurance – Premier Year Long Sponsor and Golf Sponsor. Also, thank you for the beautiful plaque that we have displayed in the front entryway of our office. It reads: Federated Insurance proudly recognizes the Minnesota Electrical Association for not only “SURVIVING” the last 90 years, but also “THRIVING” and bringing great value to all their members! We appreciate the MEA as a significant partner.
• Crescent Electric Supply – Premier Year Long Sponsor) and AJB Sales for re-wiring the hospitality suite to display new products: Internet of Things.
• Viking Electric Supply – Signature Year Long Sponsor
• Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) – Supporting Year Long Sponsor and Breezy Belle Sponsor
• Border States – Rolle Bolle Sponsor

Holly Hoffman’s keynote speech shaped the vibe of the conference and inspired us all as we power into the future throughout the next 90 years. It is because of our wonderful members, customers, sponsors and staff that MEA’s future is bright.

Good news for anyone who was unable to attend...   We will be heading back to Breezy Point next year!