From the Executive Director

Next Generation Management

Clara DeRosier
Executive Director

The Trades Gap Summit held by Bridgeworks (an organization focused on the generations) communicated great retention tools that all can use as we navigate the incoming workforce. Here are 3 factors that Millennials are looking for in their careers today.

Times have changed—so have the needs of the workforce.  It will become harder to retain top talent if we don’t adapt. In 1960, 9% of children were living with a single parent; in 2014, this number increased to 29%. The cost of raising a kid has increased by 40% since 2000. There are times of the year when we need to make hay while the sun shines so how can flexibility be packaged differently and creatively for the construction industry to benefit all?   

• Mentorship Programs – provide your employees with someone who may be in a similar family/life situation who can share resources & ideas. These best practices may not be intuitive for all.  
• Find a company making this work – learn from them. 
• Put it on the team to come up with ideas to allow flexibility and still deliver the same results (they may come to appreciate how hard of a task this can be and in return have more respect). 

Training Solutions
Currently, construction companies focus heavily on technical and safety training—this could be expanded. 

“71% of millennials who plan to leave their employer in the next 2 years are unhappy with how their leadership skills are being developed.” —Deloitte

Baby boomers had a big split between life and work – acting differently in the office and home. Gen Ex teetered more with work-life balance; working hard/playing hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With Millennials and Gen Edgers, work is more a state of mind that can be fluidly moved in and out of;  work/life integration. This allows them to always be their authentic self. They have the ability to access friends and family while working and are easily accessible to work while at home. Showing compassion for employees as a whole goes a long way with younger generations. 

• Provide opportunities that employ the whole person – above and below the neck. Soft skills training has a 250% rate of return. Employees are more productive and able to take on more complex tasks.
• Think of every person as the potential future leader of your business.

Why are you an electrician? Why does your business exist? What impact are you making on your community? Communicate the answers to your team and the public. Post about your ‘Why’ on social media to attract others to your organization over the competition as well as to reinforce to your current team why they are proud to wear your logo.

“75% of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company.” —Cone Communications

• Create a line of sight to visually represent how every position is connected to your ‘Why.’ Now they’re motivated to show up and give their best.

Retaining and developing your young recruits is crucial for the future of the Electrical Industry!