From the Executive Director

Third Quarter Update

Clara DeRosier
Executive Director

What has the Electrical Association staff been working on since we last met in August?

• Mobile Apps are being explored
• Contractor College Webinars
• Online Join will be available soon
• Engagement Scoring set up - can use this information for marketing
- Who should be the next Committee Member? Who is at risk? Who is a non-member that uses a lot of our services?

Workforce Development
• Job Posting Board – WebScribble
• New Partnerships
- Bridgeworks - Trades Gap Summit, Survey Data, Speaker at Spring Conference
- 180 Degrees
• First class of Avivo graduates
• Project Build MN Strategic Plan – Plan of work being created by the Board to head into 2019
• Additional videos added to the BEP library

• Absorbed, delegated and hired to replace previous employees’ roles
• Hired a new Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director – Katie Grams
• Data Revamp!
- Strategic Assessment of our database with our 3rd-party provider
- Dashboards created with reports that show data relevant to business decisions

Government Action
• Testified against Roseville PLA
• Industry Coalition to discuss Retainage & Duty to Defend
• Legislative Tours with MN CEE
• Places on the MN Chamber of Commerce’s Energy, Labor Management, Education and Workforce Committees to drive legislative policy initiatives.

• Record Breaking enrollment in the 2018/2019 program
- 269 students enrolled and counting
- Year 1 = 135; Year 2 = 68; Year 3 = 34; Year 4 = 32
- Representing 91 Companies
• Record Breaking Numbers for Private Class Revenue
- YE Projection - $249,000 (YE Budget - $195,000)
• Solar class conducted with Werner – 35 participants, 18 from Werner (53 total)
• Self-Paced Training Providers researched and recommended
• New Training Developed
- PLC class
- Basic electrical fundamentals and hands on experiences for Target and Honeywell
- Specialized training for exam prep for companies who need alternate formats for better employee comprehension

Business Products
• Record setting year for 70E book
• Record setting year for EZ tab sales – we have sold so many that we are having to do a second printing to maintain inventory through the end of the 2017 cycle
• Projected to exceed YE budget by $52,000