Join Us at the MEA Spring Conference

by Karen Maine, President, MEA Board of Directors

At this rate, I am not sure if the snow will still be falling in April but one thing I do know is that I will be attending MEA’s Spring Conference in Stillwater to enjoy a weekend with colleagues and peers! April 11-13 will be a time to learn, give back to the industry, provide input to MEA’s initiatives and talk about business with a group of people who get it. Please join me for this valuable event!

Lunch & Learn – When Generations Connect
Presented by Bridgeworks

Four distinct generations are working shoulder to shoulder, each with a unique set of attitudes, values and work styles. It used to be that older workers were bosses and younger ones took orders. Now, roles are all over the map and rules are being rewritten. Organizations are feeling the pain of generations as they struggle to manage productivity and morale while maintaining high standards of quality and service in a challenging economy. This program will give you the tools to convert this form of diversity from an obstacle into an opportunity.

St. Croix Crossing Bridge Tour
Presented by MNDOT

The Stillwater Trolley will take our group to the treatment plant access road where we will meet with Todd Clarkowski and John Pederson from MNDOT as they take us along the new bridge trail. They will discuss the work that was done on the roadway, trail, aesthetic, traffic signals, interior box beam lighting and electrical systems of the new bridge. We will stop at the lookouts along the trail for Q&A with our MNDOT speakers, all the while enjoying the beautiful views!

Stillwater River Boat Cruise and Awards

Don’t worry, the boat will be enclosed since the weather most likely will not be 80 and sunny—although you really never know in MN. A wonderful dinner will take place on the St. Croix along with an award ceremony! This is an opportunity to recognize all that have gone above and beyond for the Association over the past year. If you have anyone that you would like to nominate, let us know!

Committee Meetings

Standing committees will meet to discuss upcoming projects. You are the guiding force behind decisions and successes. The staff have been working hard since we last met in December and they will have a lot to cover. Agendas and action items will follow.

Spouses are Welcome!

We have reserved space at the Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary for Friday morning. Bring purification and balance to the skin and respiratory system while you close your eyes or gaze into the starry sky and breathe in tiny salt particles. A warm Sherpa blanket and zero-gravity chairs in a peaceful salt cave setting allow for blissful relaxation benefits. Then join us for the lunch & learn, tour and dinner boat cruise on Friday. Explore what Stillwater has to offer on Saturday. We will be in the heart of the city and walking distance from all the shops & entertainment.

You won’t want to miss this event! The Hospitality Suite and comradery that I get from old and new relationships developed through MEA events grow and become more and more beneficial as I run my business. I hope you can join us whether you have been to many conferences or this would be your first. You will be warmly welcomed!

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