Want to Hire an apprentice with lasting power? Hire a Veteran!

by Michelle Dreier
Member Engagement/Gov't Affairs Manager

Veterans are typically hard-working, detail-oriented, quick to learn, adaptable, often have leadership experience, and are motivated by an attitude of service to country and community. The duty to get the job done and do it well has been deeply ingrained into them. Their lives often depend on doing a job well.

The process of reviewing a veterans’ qualifications can seem daunting. Sometimes veterans’ resumes seem to be filled with technical jargon. It is not always apparent how veteran skill sets map to civilian careers. While each veteran’s skills, experiences, and career goals are unique, here is a broad overview of the various military ranks and what experience you can expect.

Junior enlisted service members have ranks such as Private, Airman, and Seaman. These veterans may have only a few years of experience in the military. During their service, they likely gained valuable hands-on experience and learned to be solid team members who get the job done. Some may have had a few opportunities to try their hand at leading a project.

Non-commissioned officers have demonstrated success in the junior enlisted ranks and have been promoted into supervisory positions. They often have received formal leadership training and are accustomed to being in charge of a small team and leading that team to get the job done. As first line supervisors, they often work alongside their team and are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Now wouldn’t that be a useful talent as a Journeyworker electrician as you are trying to grow your crew?

How can your business attract this talent? It may seem difficult if you don’t have an office near a military installation. But it doesn’t need to be difficult. Many organizations such as MilitaryHire specialize in helping veterans find jobs and helping companies hire veterans. They make it easy to reach a large population of transitioning veterans with your job openings and offer you access to veteran resumes so you can find top talent for your organization.

If all these reasons don’t provide enough value to go out of your way to hire a veteran, did you know that MEA’s registered apprenticeship program (ETN of MN) is certified by the VA for purposes of receiving GI Benefits? Veterans can start the application process here https://gibill.mn.gov/Home

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