Quiz on the Code


Power Limited Applications

1. Locations that are included for Power Limited wiring addressed by the NEC are ____.
(a) installations under the exclusive control of a utility
(b) wiring on ships
(c) wiring for carnivals    
(d) wiring in mines

2. Electrical screw terminal connections are to be ____ unless otherwise allowed.
(a) set with torque rated tools   
(b) hand tightened
(c) wrench tight
(d) set with a tensioned driver

3. Conductor terminations shall be for ____.
(a) listed if more than one conductor
(b) aluminum, if listed
(c) designed to not damage the conductor
(d) All of the above.
4. A circular mil is ____.
(a) a round wire that is 0.001" in diameter
(b) a wire that has a circumference of 1 inch
(c) the cross section of a wire that is 0.1 square inches
(d) the inverse of a square mil area of the square wire

5. PLFA cable is ____ as defined in NEC Art 760.
(a) plenum rated low-voltage cable
(b) power limited fire alarm cable
(c) preferred line voltage fire assembly cable
(d) pressurized line - frequency adjusted cable

6. Underground wiring for low voltage landscape lighting must be ____.
(a) buried at least 6”
(b) buried per manufacturer’s  instructions
(c) installed in PVC
(d) spliced in waterproof splices


1. (c) Ref: Art 90.2
2. (a) Ref: Art 110.14(D) 
3. (d) Ref: Art 110.14
4. (a) Ref: Chap 9 Table 8
5. (b) Ref: Art 760 Part III, 760.179
6. (b) Ref: 300.5