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Distributors Can Help Optimize Your Supply Chain

Submitted by Graybar

As contractors keep up with the daily demands of running their businesses, many struggle to find time to evaluate the efficiency of their supply chain.

The good news is that contractors are not in this alone. Distributors like Graybar can be a valuable resource for helping contractors optimize their supply chain, with solutions that go beyond traditional product supply.

For example, Graybar offers contractor-focused services, such as mobile cargo trailers, jobsite boxes and carts that help improve jobsite efficiency. We also have several technology-based services that can help customers get the job done, while lowering their overall costs of doing business.

For Graybar, technology helps power many services, from inventory management to reporting and process efficiency solutions. Graybar even offers a mobile app that connects customers to their local Graybar office anytime, anywhere.

Combined with a continuous improvement strategy, technology-enabled supply chain solutions can help eliminate duplication and waste from the channel. This frees up resources for contractors to focus on their core strengths and business priorities.

“Experts find most contractors have a 25 percent redundancy in their supply chain,” said Steven Horst, vice president, service and administration for Graybar. “Material movement, transportation, returns and packaging – those things are productivity killers for a contractor.”

One of the most amazing things about utilizing the supply chain properly is that quick wins add up. Money is saved when redundancies are eliminated. Jobs are completed on time. And when costs are down, bids can become more competitive, resulting in more projects won.

“Talk to your distributor and let them work to your advantage,” Horst said. “You may be amazed at the results.”

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