Build Your Career and Your Business with MEA's Apprentice Training

by Alex Hyatt
National Sales Manager

MEA’s Apprentice Training was a huge benefit to me entering the electrical trades. I graduated in 2009 with a business degree. When I found my way to the electrical trades, I had no technical background or field experience and very little electrical knowledge overall. I am proud to say that MEA’s Apprentice Training was the only formalized training I received. With their course structure and excellent instructors, I was able to pass both my journeyman’s and master’s license exams on the first try.

The instructors at MEA are top notch and have made it their life’s work to teach and advance the electrical trades. Many of them have taught for decades at various organizations, including some of the area’s most prestigious technical colleges and have even written textbooks used in colleges across the nation today. When discussing my schooling with journeymen on the jobsite, many of them would laugh and say, “That guy taught my motors class 20 years ago!” I was amazed to hear how my instructors played a critical role in training the journeymen whom I worked under and greatly respected, due to their knowledge of the trades. It truly speaks to the caliber of talent that MEA is able to attract and retain.
 —Bob Archambault, Project Manager, Stinson Electric

MEA’s Apprentice Training helped me build a foundation from which I could build my career on, as well as my business. I knew that working in the field alone wasn’t going to maintain my knowledge of the code for when the time came to pass the journeyman’s exam. MEA’s Apprentice Training helped me stay in the code book while giving me the added confidence on the job site to become a safer, more efficient and productive employee.
I was blessed to have an employer that invested in me. Now I am fortunate enough to have my own business and am happy to do the same for my apprentices. As an employer, when you find a smart, hard-working individual, you want to hire them right away without waiting two years for them to complete school first. Thanks to this MEA’s Apprentice Training, I can now make a hire, start training them on the job site immediately, and know that they are receiving excellent code and technical training from some of the industry’s best instructors.
 —Erik Ellefson, Owner, Topline Electric

Classes begin in September!

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify electrical safety hazards and plan protective schemes and techniques to address each hazard
  • Explain what safety requirements employers are legally required to provide for their workers
  • Recognize the steps needed to work safely on or near live parts
  • Analyze work tasks and select appropriate PPE
  • Determine the hazard risk category classification of a given task
  • Identify specific requirements for energizing and de-energizing power circuits
  • Explain the intent and limitations of personal protective equipment
  • Use an appropriate approach to assure adequate PPE for diverse tasks
  • Determine the specific steps to be taken to ensure an electrically safe work condition
  • Implement Lockout/Tagout procedures applicable to any given facility or activity
  • Determine training and re-training requirements
  • Explain components of warning labels and used proper techniques to reduce injury
  • Identify boundaries for electrical hazards
  • Certificates of completion will be provided for your personnel files

*70E training does NOT count toward CE credit.

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