Advertise in Print

MEA offers advertising opportunities in the MEA News, published in January, March, May, July, September and November; and the MEA All-Industry Directory, a two-year directory, which comes out in January of odd-numbered years. Additional opportunities are available to advertise in the MEA Alert, published February, April, June, August, October, and December. We are also open to discussing other advertising requests specially tailored to your company's needs.

The MEA News is the official publication of the Minnesota Electrical Association. MEA News is distributed six times during the year to over 3,000 electrical contractors and industry leaders across Minnesota. MEA News strives to educate, inform, and enlighten readers with regard to a variety of activities or issues concerning the state’s electrical industry. On both the state and federal levels, MEA News makes readers aware of the many changes and trends taking place that might affect the success of their businesses.

The Quick Resource Guide is published as an insert in the May and November MEA News as an advertising vehicle with a complete listing of MEA’s product/service members and advertisers. This handy resource is distributed to over 3,000 electrical contractors and industry leaders.

The MEA All-Industry Directory is MEA’s premier biannual guide to the electrical industry. The directory contains a complete listing of all electrical contractors in Minnesota, as well as their areas of specialization. Other industry groups in this guide include: product/service vendors, electrical inspectors, cooperatives, utilities, engineers, industry agencies and associations, and technical schools with electrical education programs. Electrical contractors keep this valuable tool in their trucks for a quick and easy reference.

Newsletter Columns

The MEA News features a “New Products” and a “Community News” column.  Product/Service Members may submit information on new products and/or services, employee promotions, anniversaries, company grand openings, etc. by the 1st of the month before each issue of the MEA News (e.g., items for the March issue would be due February 1st).

Sales Promotion Flyer Inserts

Full-page inserts may be included in the MEA News issues to promote products and services. For pricing and availability, contact Erica Nelson at (763)-497-1778.