MEA is no longer be selling the performance bond.

MEA’s goal in setting up the Master Bond program through Federated Insurance was to save electrical contractors time and money.  Because the Construction Codes & Licensing Division (CCLD) new ONLINE system for renewing your license and bond is so efficient, MEA is no longer be selling the performance bond. We recommend that you save time and money by doing the following:

  1. Because DLI’s new ONLINE  license renewal process eliminates most of the paperwork . . . you will save time by simply  reviewing the information DLI has on file for your company, submitting any required changes, and paying the renewal fee, all online.
  2. You will eliminate even more paperwork by purchasing your bond directly from Federated Insurance at 888-333-4949, since they already have your information on file, or from the company that provides your commercial insurance. Why? Because, after you successfully submit a new bond with this renewal, you will not have to submit a new bond to DLI when you renew your license in the future.  DLI presumes the new bond you submit with your 2016 renewal is valid until DLI receives a cancellation notice from the surety (bonding) company. Bond requirements remain the same--$25,000 coverage for each two-year license term.

While all current electrical contractor licenses expire on Feb. 28, 2018 . . . it is important to beat the rush and get your license renewal submitted as early as possible. CCLD is now accepting renewal applications.  Complete info is on the Dept. of Labor (DLI) website at  They contain important new information and reminders that will avoid delays in your renewal such as:

  1. You are required to provide a PDF of your current insurance certificates to  for each of the following: a) liability insurance and b) workers’ compensation insurance.
  2. Exact match  Your license will be renewed only if the info you submit on your license and bond application matches EXACTLY with the information in your filing with the Secretary of State—and if your filing is active or current.  You can check on this at
  3. And more!

Thank you for giving MEA the opportunity to serve you.  We support the CCLD in their efforts to save you time and money—including the reduction in your contractors licensing fees.  We look forward to serving you in many other ways in the future.