Responsibilities of the Membership Committee 

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 The main goals of the Membership & Benefits (previously “Publications”) Committee are recruitment, retention, and participation by:

  1. Setting membership goals with a plan designed to build a strong association membership. Encourage participation in MEA and monitor membership involvement and retention. Produce activities to welcome new members; inform them of MEA’s activities; and assist new members in their first year to get acquainted.
    1. Maintain a "member package" that will encourage new members to join and place them into programs.
    2. Reviewing MEA’s forms, books and manuals and give recommendations.
    3. Reviewing and making recommendations about items to include for sale in the Minnesota Electrical Association website and add or eliminate items as needed.
    4. Surveying the membership and assisting in guiding the direction of MEA activities.
  2. Find new ways and actively participate in bringing in new members.
  3. Find new ways to bring in Product Service members, keeping the Product Service members active, involved and interested in MEA, and developing ways for Product Service members to reap the benefits of membership in MEA.
    1. Find new and creative ways to advertise and display products and services to the membership by the Product Service members.
    2. Provide opportunities for Product Service members to network with general members.
    3. Staying current on labor saving equipment and material, and recommend products (as appropriate) for use by members.
  4. Honor outstanding performance by MEA members in recruiting and referring new members.
  5. The committee will promote the use of the MEA products and services.
  6. The committee shall be aware of labor-saving equipment and material.

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