Nominating/Search Committee (Ad Hoc)

Responsibilities of the Nominating/Search Committee  

  1. The Executive Board functions as the Nominating Committee and may appoint an ad-hoc Nominating Committee.
  2. The Nominating Committee shall, in advance of any annual meeting of members and of Directors, prepare a slate of nominees for positions of officers to be elected at said meetings. Such slate of nominees shall be presented at the meeting at which the election is to occur provided, however, that other nominations may be made from the floor.

This committee shall also:

  1. Nominate persons, as necessary, to fill vacancies in positions of directors or officers.
  2. Nominate a person or persons for the position of honorary board member for life.
  3. Have a general and constant responsibility for seeking out and nominating qualified and representative officers who will be able to attend a reasonable number of meetings and otherwise provide effective leadership.
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