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The SSL-TRLED illuminates any work space without the glare of LED diodes, and feature impressive energy efficiency. The LED light fixtures come equipped with long lasting LED drivers, assuring consistent color temperatures. The SSL-TRLED models are compatible with building controls, motion sensors, timers, and daylight harvesting systems. These fixtures are available in 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ frames. Recommendations: LED-DI • LED-PL • SSL-PLED; Installation:  Indoor • Ceiling • Office • Commercial  (March 2019)
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  GREENLEE Flexible Clamp Meters (Cat #: FC-118)
Measure current without breaking the circuit. Flex Clamp Current Probes expand existing meters AC measurement up to 3000A. Compatible with most meters using universal banana leads. Flexible Coil adds accessibility - easily maneuvering around cables that are in hard to reach areas and large enough to thread around larger conductors.. (May 2019)
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A Sleek New Design Brings Dependable Outdoor Protection Intermatic's slim, low-profile in-use covers provide a sleek, easy-to-use alternative to traditional outdoor weatherproof cover options. These are easy to install while delivering lasting, code-compliant protection. (May 2019)
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  3M™ – Steel Barb Cable Ties
Industrial strength ties. When the job calls for rugged cable management solutions that can withstand demanding conditions, you need cable ties you can trust. Introducing 3M™ Steel Barb Cable Ties, engineered to provide a tight, precise grip and a strong, long-lasting hold – even when the going gets tough. (May 2019)
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  MILBANK – Meter Disconnect Combo
Easy Installation, All-in-one saves time, Durable Enclosure, NEMA 3R rated, Powder-coated galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, Available in a range of styles (stainless steel hasp, isolated neutral, barrel lock, etc), UL Listed, Manufactured in the USA. (March 2019)
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  BRIDGEPORT – Mighty-Merge® Threadless Rigid to FMC Transition Fittings
Bridgeport now offers a full line of Mighty-Merge® Rigid to FMC/Greenfield Transition Couplings. An easy and Listed way to transition between Threadless Rigid and FMC. These couplings provide dimensional flexibility for a raceway system when dropping in to switchgear and transitioning into transformers. Great for connecting stub ups from concrete to panels, motors or generators. (March 2019)
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The brand you trust with the service you expect. RAB is excited to announce the launch of RAB Lamps to distributors later. Eight lamp categories and 350 SKUs will be available for immediate shipment! PRODUCT GROUPS: Linear Tubes Compacts HID Replacements A-Line Bulbs Reflectors PARs Small-Reflectors Decorative. (March 2019)
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The 5882A (1kV Megohmmeter) is designed for insulation resistance tests, measuring up to 200GΩ, as well as a wide range of test voltages: 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1kV. Besides providing fast and accurate measurements, the 5882A also features a timed test mode, 300 entry data storage, and selectable alarm setpoints. A molded in magnetic mount and non-slip pads integrated on the back allows for hands-free measurements. (March 2019)
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  Engineered Products Company Unveils LED Luminaire with Motion Sensor as Simple Solution for Small Space Lighting Upgrades
EPCO’s new LED Luminaire is perfect for indoor spaces that require a compact yet powerful lighting solution. The Small Space LED Luminaire with Motion Sensor quickly and easily transforms dimly lit confined spaces into bright, well-lit locations with sustainable, energy efficient lighting. Perfect for new or retrofit applications, the Small Space LED Luminaire is cost effective, eliminates batteries and saves money. It comes with a 13-Watt LED Luminaire and snap-on frosted acrylic diffuser. (Jan 2019)
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  Ziegler Power Systems offers a variety of renewable energy and microgrid solutions to help deliver reliable, cost-effective, & efficient energy.
Our Renewable Products: - Cat® thin-film and monocrystalline solar panels
- Lithium ion Battery Energy storage products that store energy generated by solar panels and other renewable energy sources.
- Microgrid controllers that integrate generation from renewable energy sources with energy from conventional generators.
(Jan 2019)
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  Introducing Keystone’s 360° LED Sign Tube: The easiest LED installation
A perfect solution for retrofits or new sign installations, as well as single or double sided sign needs. With revolutionary DirectDrive technology there’s no need for an external driver or ballast, saving precious labor time and costs. Maintenance professionals install the 360° LED Sign Tube in five minutes or less! Download the Sell Sheet for more information at (Sept 2018)


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