Media Kit
  • Learn more about advertising with Electrical Association
  • Get the latest rates
Download the Media Kit (PDF)  or contact Erica Nelson, Ad Sales Representative, at (763) 497-1778 or [email protected]

Advertise in Print
  • Electrical Association News, published in January, March, May, July, September and November.
  • Electrical Association Alert, published in February, April, June, August, October, and December.
  • Sales Promotional Flyers inserted into the Electrical Association News and/or the Electrical Association Alert.
  • Members and advertisers are invited to provide content to the Electrical Association News (New Products; Solutions for Your Customers; and Community News) 
  • Electrical Apprentice Program Study Guides
  • Electrical Exam Prep Exam Booklet
  • We are also open to discussing other advertising requests specially tailored to your company's needs!

Advertise Online
  • Opportunities are now available to advertise on the Electrical Association web site.
  • Advertisers can choose a number of different locations, including the homepage on which to advertise.
  • Reasonable ad rates make it a great way to let customers know about new products and services and boost sales.
  • Check the Media Kit for pricing or call the Electrical Association office for more details.

Who Advertises
  • Companies that provide products and services to the electrical industry are invited to advertise in a number of Electrical Association publications.
  • Advertising opportunities are available in the Electrical Association News, Electrical Association All Industry Directory, and the Quick Resource Guide.
  • Electrical Association provides its publications to electrical contractors licensed in Minnesota and surrounding states as well as corporations with electrical maintenance staff.

Sponsor an Event
  • There are numerous opportunities throughout the year
  • Any of the three Electrical Association conferences or the many education classes offered throughout the year
  • Sponsorships range from providing class space; providing lunches or refreshments; sponsoring golf holes at the annual golf tournament; and sponsoring luncheons, dinners, meetings, or hospitality suites at the Electrical Association conferences.

Advertisement Policy
The content of advertisements that appear in the Electrical Association News, Electrical Association Alert, and our website are solely the responsibility of the advertisers. Appearance of an advertisement in Electrical Association's publications or website does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the association of the goods or services offered. Publication of any advertisement may be subject to review by Electrical Association staff.