Common Specializations

Residential Installation & Troubleshooting
You would be working on electrical systems in single- or multifamily housing, swimming pools, recreation area wiring.
Commercial Wiring
You would mainly work in stores, warehouses, and small manufacturing or office spaces, photo-voltaic systems, hospitals.
Solar Installations
You will be designing and installing any number of systems! Renewables are the way of powering our future.
Industrial Wiring
This involves large manufacturing facilities, automated systems, large food producers and motors needing electric power and controls, such as PLCs.
Power Limited (PLT)
Work on communication systems, satellites, low-voltage lighting, fire alarms and sound systems.
Agricultural Electrical Systems
Working on farms, grain storage and handling, as well as animal care. Robotics and automation are growing applications in the agricultural community.
Highway Heavy
Installing lighting and traffic control on roads, bridges and infrastructure.