Congratulations! You're a Journeyworker Electrician—
A Huge Accomplishment!

Committing to your career as an electrician is rewarding and honorable. We want to help you in your continued success!

Required! COMPLY with Continuing Education

Journeyworkers in Minnesota need 16 hrs of continuing education every 2 years.
View DLI Continuing Ed. Requirements

We offer two options for your continuing education:  Classroom • Online
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Optional—Give Yourself a Raise! Take the Master License Exam

Once you have 1 year as a licensed journeyworker (or 5 years specific experience acceptable to the commissioner), you are now eligible to test to become a Minnesota Master Electrician.

Benefits of progressing to a Master typically include having the technical knowledge, experience and training to perform or supervise any electrical work. The master of record for a company can sign permits and is responsible for safe and legal wiring performed by an electrical contractor. View DLI Master Exam Information

Exam Prep Opportunities
Need some help prior to the big day? The Electrical Association has Exam Prep courses to help you succeed.

Prepare for the exam using one or more of these helpful options:

Exam Prep Practice Exam
Classroom 2-day Crash Course
Self-Paced Online Exam Prep
Exam Prep One-on-One Tutoring
Exam Prep Retake Option - Send us an email for more info