Covid-19- Education Policies


Electrical Association In-Person Training Protocol 

Date: Effective June 1st, 2020

During the time of COVID-19 and our current state of many unknowns, the Electrical Association continues to practice safe measures as we continue to train and educated electricians all over the State of MN.  

While we open back up to training in-person, a few things have changed to keep everyone safe.  

1. First and foremost, ensure your staff knows that they must stay home if they are sick/symptomatic.  We will ensure that they get transferred to a different class at no charge.  We will work with you on the best solution to get that employee the training that they need.  We have many options available in online formats or having them attend one of our in-person public classes at no charge.   
2. Social distance will be practiced during the class.  Chairs should be appropriately placed throughout the room at desks that are appropriately spaced apart.  Do not move the chairs or sit in any chairs that are closer than 6ft together. 
a. Ensure the trainer for the course is able to train while they are 6ft away from the closest student to the front of the room.  
b. We rely on you as the company to ensure these needs are met for the classroom that you have designated for this training.  Our trainer will let you know if they do not feel that this is being practiced and have the right to refuse training for the group until the room arrangement has been fixed to accommodate social distancing.
3. Do not allow your staff to switch chairs throughout the class.  If they need to get up and use the restroom or walk around for a break, please inform them to return to their same seat and do not touch other attendee’s items. 
4. Masks must be worn at all times by attendees during the class.  They are responsible for bringing their own mask and wearing it throughout the entire class.  The trainer for your class will also be wearing a mask to continuously ensure safety of everyone in the room.  
5. Hygiene – Provide hand washing facilities and/or hand sanitizer onsite at the classroom to ensure proper hand washing protocol can be followed. 
6. Hygiene – Encourage your staff to wash their hands appropriately or use hand sanitizer that you provide at the facility for the class after using the restroom and before and after eating.
7. Hygiene – Encourage your staff to cover their cough or sneeze.  They should cough and sneeze into their elbow.  If they are able to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer after coughing or sneezing, that would be encouraged. 
8. Sanitation – the training room must be completely cleaned and disinfected in accordance to CDC requirements prior to the trainer and students arriving for training.  The training facility is responsible for this procedure as well as any sanitation and disinfecting of the space after the training has concluded.  
9. If food or beverages are going to be provided by the customer at any point throughout the training, it is encouraged that this food and beverage is delivered in sealed or wrapped containers.