As a participant in ETN of MN’s Indentured Apprentice Program, your Apprentices are responsible for completing the following on a monthly basis:

1. Apprentice Work Report
2. Apprentice Safety Report

For your convenience, ETN of MN includes a database for your apprentice to submit at the end of each month. Flashpoint Database

As a participating company you are required to train your apprentices to submit this information.  Company administrators should review submittals monthly for accuracy.

As the employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that this information is entered on a monthly basis.  To insure compliance with the indentured apprentice program, we must collect the Apprentice Work Report and the Apprentice Safety Report on a monthly basis. ETN will provide a checklist of your currently enrolled apprentices for you to reference. Rates of pay should be changed in the database when increases occur.

If you or your apprentices have any questions on how to complete the monthly time card, call our office at (612) 827-6117 or email

Instructions for Apprentice Work Report

The Apprentice Work Report is where you track your hours worked and types of labor.  It can be found on your page under Related Items/ Work Reports.

To fill out the report:
1. You should fill out the number of hours worked in each category on a daily basis. Refer to the "show category descriptions" link to provide the codes for categories A-Y.
2. Weekend Dates, or non-work days may be left blank.
3. At the end of the month, hours for each category (A-Y) will automatically be totaled, as well as total hours worked. Save your work report after every update.
4. When your work report is completed at the end of the month, hit the Save & Submit button.  This will submit your monthly total to your company administrator

Instructions for Apprentice Safety Training Report

The Apprentice Safety Training Report is where you track safety training you have attended.  Fifty (50) hours of safety training are required as part of the program.

To fill out the form:
1. It can be found on your page under Custom Lists/ Safety Hours
2. At the end of the month, the total hours of Safety training should be entered into the “Monthly Total.” This will automatically be added to the “Previous Total” to determine the “Current Total” hours.
3. The completed report is now ready to be submitted.

Due Dates

Work Reports and Safety Hours are due on the 10th of every month - late fee's begin to accrue on the 21st of the month 

Late Fees

$50 / Per Apprentice/ Month they have a late time card 
3 Consecutive Months Behind - Apprentice is put on probation 
5 Consecutive Months behind - Apprentice is suspended and potentially terminated from ETN of MN
$100 Transfer Fee – Apprentice who transfers from one registered company to another 

*If you are delinquent on submitting paperwork to ETN of MN – there are steep consequences due to the amount of harm that could be placed on all of the companies who are in the program.  
Additionally any apprentice career status changes need to be reported to ETN of MN within 30 days.  These changes could include terminated, suspended, or passed the JW test.

Affirmative Action Requirements 

As part of this program you will be required to take steps to recruit and hire women, minorities, people with disabilities, etc.  Attending career fairs, sending letters or job postings to specific organizations, and any other steps to recruit diversity should be reported to ETN of MN so we can include it in reporting measures.  If you need ideas for diversity recruitment, the Electrical Association and DLI can provide guidance.

Removal from the Program 

Once an apprentice is indentured, it is the expectation from the ETN of MN Board that the apprentice is supported by the contractor and completes the program.  Using the program for anything other than expecting apprentices to complete and graduate will result in immediate action taken by the ETN of MN Board.