Electrician Certification in Wisconsin

The Electrical Association has the resources for people interested in renewing their electrician license in Wisconsin with continuing education courses. 

If you hold any of the electrical licenses below in Wisconsin, you need continuing education credits! 

**Please note that Wisconsin is currently only accepting courses on the 2017 code.

Master Electrician 24 hours every four years  Online    Classroom
Residential Master Electrician      18 hours every four years  Online    Classroom
Journeyworker Electrician 24 hours every four years  Online    Classroom
Industrial Journeyman Electrician 18 hours every four years  Online    Classroom
Residential Journeyman Electrician 18 hours every four years  Online    Classroom
Registered Electrician 24 hours annually  Online    Classroom
Apprentice 24 hours annually   Online    Classroom

* WI CE Requirements - Electrical

Wisconsin Rule 101.80
• CE hours must be completed during the license or registration period.
• For more details about Wisconsin's continuing education requirements, visit the WI DSPS website.
• Verify your Wisconsin licenses and credits now. Search the DSPS database.
• File your WI License Credential Renewals.Renew Online (WI DSPS).

How to Meet Your Requirement

Whether you need 2 or 16 CE, we can help! Most of our training is approved for continuing education by the Wisconsin DSPS. Many of our classes are offered in both online and classroom formats...you select the one that fits into your schedule!

• Our instructors are knowledgeable, well known, and well respected in the industry. 
• We will report the credits you earn to the State of Wisconsin (DSPS) within 10 days of completion.  If you are licensed in other states that we are approved in, we will submit your credit to them as well. (See the details for each class for our specific state approvals.) 
• Based on the 2017 NEC.

Other Continuing Education Courses in Wisconsin

If our courses don't fit your needs or your schedule, visit the DSPS's website for a list of all courses approved for credits in Wisconsin.