Exam Prep Pre-Test Sample


What would an ammeter read on a three-phase feeder with a load of 7000 watts at 208 volts, with a power factor of 78%?

  (a)   19.45 A 

  (b)   24.91 A

  (c)   33.65 A 

  (d)   58.28 A 



Which connection represents a nine-lead 3Φ motor for low-voltage delta operation? Select from the diagrams below.

  (a)   diagram A is correct

  (b)   diagram B is correct

  (c)   diagram C is correct

  (d)   diagram D is correct




Two hundred fifty (250) feet of schedule 40 PVC is run across a building. The temperature extremes that the conduit is exposed to are -20°F to 110°F. The day the PVC is installed the temperature is 80°F. The PVC will expand ________ inches and contract _________ inches in relation to the installation temperature of 80°F.

  (a)   3.05/ 10.15

  (b)   4.3/ 12.7

  (c)   5/14

  (d)   6.5/ 11.5


Give the minimum dimensions for the pull box shown below. (x: _______ Vertical) (y:________ Horizontal). Note: Give calculated minimum measurements Note: All conduits are EMT, and all conductors are 4 AWG and larger. There is a removable cover on the front of the box, as shown.

  (a)   7.5 / 18

  (b)   8.5/ 18

  (c)   8.5 / 16

  (d)   6.5 / 17



A 277-volt to ground circuit that is installed in a raceway uses concentric knockouts on an enclosure. The electrical continuity of the metal raceway shall be ensured by _____.

  (a)   two locknuts on rigid metal conduit (one inside and one outside of the box)

  (b)   fittings with shoulders that seat firmly against the box, such as electrical metallic tubing connectors, with one locknut on the inside of the box

  (c)   connections utilizing threaded couplings or threaded bosses on enclosures where made up wrench-tight

  (d)   other approved devices, such as bonding type locknuts and bushings


The life safety branch may not supply the _______ systems in a hospital. (This is a large hospital with a cardiac care facility, a neo-natal facility, and it is also a Level I trauma center.) 

  (a)   egress lighting and elevator

  (b)   exit sign

  (c)   emergency communication

  (d)   illumination for non-critical care area


If equipment is installed in space with limited access (above a lay-in ceiling) then _______.

  (a)   a ceiling T bar is permitted in the access space 

  (b)   a ceiling T bar is NOT permitted in the access space

  (c)   the ceiling must be at least 6" below the equipment for access

  (d)   the doors of the equipment must be able to be removed


1.   (b)
2.   (a)
3.   (a)
4.   (c)
5.   (d)
6.   (d)
7.   (a)