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Code Classroom

Overall Effectiveness/Competence of Instructor:  4.6 / 5
Overall Quality of Course: 
4.6 / 5

  • I have taken this course for years. The learning is relevant to saving $ as it is applicable to my every day work. Andrew, Jan 2021
  • Instructor was very knowledgeable and explained questionable items very well.  Richard, Jan 2021
  • The class was presented very well and left plenty of opportunity for Q&A. Dan, Jan 2021
  • Chad always makes the 16 hours interesting and does it with some humor. Chris, Jan 2021
  • Great class!  Rodney, Jan 2021
  • Made the class very fun by injecting humor, Jeff has experience in the field as a contractor, real life situations. Kelly, Jan 2021
  • I really appreciated the practical, hands-on approach to the material. After 45 years as a Master license holder there is still lots to learn. One is always skeptical on what we should study in the class cycle that doesn't focus on the code changes, but this was EXCELLENT and RELEVANT...time well spent. Thanks. John, Feb 2021
  • Chad is always well spoken. He presents the code in an easy-to-understand method. His personality helps make the class enjoyable. Rusty, Oct 2021
  • Wonderful facility ad instructors. Have attended the past 12 years and consistently high-quality experience. Doug, Oct 2021
  • Mr. Kurdi is a top notch instructor. He presented the material clearly and emphasized the key parts. What makes Mr. Kurdi stand out as an instructor is his ability to digest the lecture material and present it in real world experience and application. As a master electrician and an electrical engineer, I found his presentation extremely beneficial to my work in both of these disciplines. I highly recommend the course and Mr. Kurdi not only for the 16 hour license requirement, but for the real world application to the profession (2022)
  • Jeff Did a awesome job and made the time fly. Made code class fun and enlightening. Best instructor I've had yet thru EA. Would take his class again. (2022)

Code Online

Overall Effectiveness/Competence of Instructor:  4.8 / 5
Overall Quality of Course:  4.7 / 5

  • I liked to code refresh to go over many topics - also kept the class interesting, have topics to discuss. Jay, Jan 2021
  • The class overall was very informative and fulfilling. I wish I could transfer it to a YouTube video to be able to reference back to it. Ryan, Feb 2021
  • The class used well-represented video material. Questions were answered in a detailed manner. Mike, Jan 2021
  • I liked how Tim related the material to housing and restaurants. Preston, March 2021
  • Great job as always, Tim! April 2021
  • I like the passion from instructor and the willingness to make this course as high in quality right down to the place of training and the accommodations associated with. Andrew, Oct 2021
  • Mike is a dynamic, extremely knowledgeable instructor who was always upbeat and engaging the class. Dale, Oct 2021
  • Excellent diagrams. Engaging teaching style. Caleb, Oct 2021

Code Self-Paced

  • I was impressed at the clear and concise program! Great presentation! 2023
  • It helped me see what I can improve on from an inspector's point of view. 2023

Exam Prep

  • Chad’s ability to convey complex information into an easy to understand and enjoyable seminar really makes the material have lasting impact. Justin, 2024.
  • I actually took your electrician exam prep class 4 times for the Master . The first was 5 years ago and when I took your class I realized I was not ready to take the test. So pretty much a year ago I really took it serious and took your class another time. Well when I took my test for the first time I got a 64%. I waited a few months and signed up for your class again and took the test 3 days later, got a 68%. Well Last weekend I took your class one more time, and I'm excited to say I passed my test. I just want to thank you for your classes you teach. I feel if it wasn't for your classes I would have never passed. Each time I picked up on things that I struggled in previous tests. It also helped me on things to study on my own before the test. I really appreciated all the help your classes gave me! Tim, Oct 2023
  • After holding a Journeyman’s license for 20 years, my employer asked me if I would consider getting my Masters License.  I decided to go for it with a little help from an exam prep course through Minnesota Electrical Association. After dedicating time to go through the workbook from cover to cover, I was able to pass my examination on my first try. The prep class was a valuable tool in my preparation for my exam.  Dave, Collins Aerospace 4/2019
  • Your exam prep course did a great job in helping me to understand the code book and to pass my Journeyworker Class A licensing exam! I had to reach out after class with more questions, and the instructor happily helped me. I will be referring all of my colleagues to you!  Tyler, Nov 2019    
  • When it’s time for my masters, I will definitely be back. The class was super helpful!  Feb 2021
  • Helpful was the brushing up on code and calcs. Awesome class. Chad is the man. Everything I needed to get ready for my MN Master. Steve, Oct 2021

Private Group Training

Overall Effectiveness/Competence of Instructor:  4.6 / 5
Overall Quality of Course:  4.5 / 5

  • I like that he brought up stuff for in your house and every day. Brad, Jan 2021
  • Great class. It was great to have the information that was tied so closely with our daily work. Morgan, Jan 2021
  • Great job on training on bonding and conductors and ground earth and ground fault on grounded conductor. Learned a lot more about subject. Thanks! Bruce, Jan 2021
  • Put things in layman terms, I learned a lot of new things. Learned more in this class than others. Al, Jan 2021
  • Thanks for taking your time to teach us about grounding and bonding. Bo, Jan 2021
  • Great job, very knowledgeable. Jasiv, Jan 2021
  • I enjoyed the instructor & his way of teaching & discussing the info that we are learning & always ready & willing to answer questions & kept it as fun as possible. Eric, Jan 2021
  • Mike, I really enjoyed the class--thanks not only to your knowledge of the subject, but also the life experience you shared! Andrew, April 2021
  • Mike does an excellent job of introducing real world scenarios to the class. It shows where something that might sound obscure is common. Chuck, April 2021

Apprentice Training Program

  • Great information that applies directly to my work role. Year 1 Apprentice, 2023
  • I found this entire 4 year course to be very helpful. I passed my Journeyman’s test because of this program and the very helpful instructors. Year 4 Apprentice, 2023

NPFA 70E Safety Training

  • Helpful was the explaining of blast area of burn potential. Very informative and knowledgeable; explained everything clearly. Eric, Sept 2021
  • Great knowledge to have as a safety coordinator manager.Jason, Feb 2022
  • Mike seemed very diligent in his class. Explained very well and concentrated on key points of safety when arc flash may be present. Mike does a very well job instructing. Bode, Sept 2021
  • Chad has a great enthusiasm for the subject and a huge knowledge base regarding it. I've really enjoyed our time together. David, Jan 2022
  • Mike is very passionate about the subject matter and safety issues. The way he presents the information is easy to follow, and he ensures the retention of vital points and information. Best NFPA 70E class I have taken during my 15 years in the safety field. Brent, Mar 2022

South Dakota Code Classroom

Overall Effectiveness/Competence of Instructor:  4.6 / 5
Overall Quality of Course:  4.6 / 5

  • Mike Miller puts on a class that keeps your attention. His knowledge in code and new products is amazing. Tom, Jan 2021
  • Have attended Mike's classes for years - by far the best ones available. David, Jan 2021
  • Once again very well done. Kevin, Jan 2021
  • Mike tries to make boring topics more interesting, glad we come here. John, Jan 2021
  • Always a great time with Mike. Brandon, Jan 2021
  • I always learn something from Mike's classes (been licensed 44 years). Steve, Feb 2022

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