Government Action

As a member of the Electrical Association, you have a unique opportunity to share your voice on legislative or regulatory issues that impact the electrical industry. 

Your willingness to share your story,  any grassroots efforts you participate in, as well as donations to the PAC help bring your business issues to the forefront of legislators’ attention.  The Electrical Association is fortunate to have a strong lobbying force and excellent reputation on Capitol Hill.  There is strength in numbers.  Your contribution to our lobbying activities will be part of the driving force making changes to help your business thrive!

Recent Updates



  • Legislative Education- What issues are impacting your business?
  • Workforce Initiatives- working to make entry level apprentices more productive

Past Results 

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Call to Action

Calls to Action will soon be sent via the association's new advocacy platform!



• Talk to your legislators about issues that impact your business with or without association guidance
• If you plan to meet with your state legislator, use this helpful article to prepare yourself for the meeting
• Have a direct impact on the issues affecting the electrical industry 
• Interested in being heard? Call us at 612-827-6117 or email Michelle at [email protected]


• Watch for weekly email alerts to stay current during session 
• Monthly Alerts outside of session (remainder of the year)
•Time sensitive information is sent via e-mail to your phone or desk.


• The Electrical Association's Government Action Committee meets regularly to discuss legislative priories and positions to be taken on current issues
• The Committee works closely with the Association's lobbyists who are negotiating issues daily for our members
• Interested in joining the Government Action Committee - call us at 612-827-6117 or email Michelle at [email protected]


• Donate to the Electrical Association PAC or preferred legislator
• Your donations and engagement help bring our legislative issues to the forefront
• The Electrical Association is a strong lobbying force with an excellent reputation on Capitol Hill
• Your contribution will be part of the driving force making changes to help your business thrive
• A donation of $50 or $100 helps bring attention to our Association and legislation that affects small business
• Questions about donations - contact Michelle at [email protected]

Please make the investment today! Send your cash or personal check donation to: TEC-PAC, c/o Electrical Association, 3100 Humboldt Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55408