Committee Responsibilities

In order to accomplish the Electrical Association Committee work, the Committee chair, Committee members and staff need to form a partnership, with each fulfilling their respective roles.


     • Facilitate meeting and/or conference call
     • Encourage Committee members to provide their thoughts and opinions
     • Collaborate with the Electrical Association staff to develop and monitor work and goals of the Committee
     • Work with the Electrical Association staff to maintain accurate records in the form of minutes and reports regarding individual committee member assignments
     • Provide input for setting meetings and conference call agendas
     • Motivate and assign committee members for tasks and action items set forth by the committee
     • Assist with Board of Directors Committee updates
     • Assign tasks to Committee members


     • Review minutes and agendas prior to meetings and contact staff or chair with questions
     • Participate actively in all meetings and conference calls
     • Respect different points of view and time limits
     • Ask for clarification if needed
     • Provide written or verbal feedback on task items assigned by Committee in a timely fashion
     • Make attendance at Committee meetings a priority (see attendance policy below)
     • Invite new members to get involved in the organization and its activities

Electrical Association Committee Attendance Policy

Regular attendance at the Electrical Association meetings is essential for the success of the group.  In addition, regular attendance enables Committee members to be productive and helps ensure that issues and discussions are examined from a variety of perspectives.

the Electrical Association Committee members may forfeit their position as a result of poor attendance.  Committee members are expected to attend all scheduled Committee meetings per year.  We understand conflicts arise and will allow one excused absence.

If for any reason I find myself unable to carry out the above duties as best as I can, or am unable to attend two of the scheduled Committee meetings, I agree to discuss with the Committee Chair and the Electrical Association Staff Representative my future obligations in serving on the Committee.

Committee terms are valid for 1 year, you will be asked to re-commit to the committee on a yearly basis

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