Consulting Services for Electricians

We Specialize In: 

• Registered Apprenticeship
• Fair Labor Standards Act
• Workforce Development (including diversity & inclusion strategies
• Prevailing Wage Compliance

Find Yourself Asking These Questions? We can help!

• Can a registered apprenticeship program help me?
• I just received a "Demand for Records" from the DLI. Now what?
• How do I fill out this certified payroll form?
• The contracting authority is not happy with my payroll documentation. What am I doing wrong?
• How can I find talented people to grow my workforce?

Our Consultant Can Help You....
• Reduce or eliminate liability with the correct guidance
• Minimize the risk of an audit with correct compliance
• Prepare for an audit or respond to an allegation of a violation

Meet Our Consultant

Michelle joined the Association staff in 2016 after working at the MN DLI for 23 years. In that time, she has accomplished the following:

     • Resolved thousands of Fair Labor Standards Act audits
     • Advised contractors, subcontractors, and contracting authorities on proper compliance with prevailing wage requirements
     • Built many positive, professional relationships with both state and federal government agencies

    Michelle Dreier
    Member Engagement and Government Affairs  
    Phone: 612-827-6117  
[email protected]  



How to Begin

It's easy! Just call our offices, and explain your situation to Michelle. She will let you know how we can help you!
Members receive a significant discount! Learn more about joining the Electrical Association! 

Member packages include:

Discovery Session - $150
Certified Payroll Training - $150
Payroll Records Review - $600

Call for a quote

* Prices quoted are for a typical consulting session and may vary according to the project.
Price:  $150/hour for members  $195/hour for nonmembers
 "We were faced with an issue that was moving toward court action or placing us in violation of the Responsible Contractor Act. Michelle jumped in and resolved it with a few well-placed phone calls."

--Dennis Klein, VP Operations, Klein Electric