Electrical Contractor Health Care Plan

Be a Hero to Your Employees!

With this plan it's possible that you could offer your employees more flexibility and coverage while simplifying the paperwork! Members of similar association health plans have seen premiums drop anywhere from 8% to 15%.

Features & Benefits
  • A pre-tax plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN
  • Reduces your FICA costs and employee's state and federal tax amounts
  • Allows for a lot of flexibility
  • Two network options with statewide accessibility (Aware Network; Advance Health, High Value Network)
  • Large-group rates for small employers
  • Nine plan design options available
Requirements to Participate
  • Be a Minnesota Electrical Contractor
  • Be a member of the Electrical Association (Learn about joining)
  • Have at least one employee on your staff

Also ask about the Ancillary Benefits!

Ancillary benefits include low-, mid-, and high-level dental (with orthodontia options), vision, and AD&D insurance. You can take advantage of these ancillary benefits even if you don’t use our health care plan. Plus our broker offers a three-year rate guarantee! 

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

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