Member Spotlight

Dale Jackson—Jackson Electric, Winthrop MN


We are pleased to introduce this month’s member spotlight. Dale Jackson has been a member and a leader of the Electrical Association for over 3 decades. He served as the President of the Association from 2002-2003 and has recently accepted a position on the Board of Directors again. We are so grateful to have his expertise and leadership back on the board. 

What would you tell a younger electrical contractor about how your business succeeded?
Honesty, Hard work and Hustle—and a lot of LUCK!

What is your greatest business success?
Building a business with a team that can operate it without me being there. Having a team that you can put your trust in for operations is huge. We have a great group of people here in our company.

How did you become involved with the Electrical Association?
The gentleman that I purchased my business from was a member and highly recommended that I join. I started in business in June of 1987 and joined in 1988. Tom Seanger was the president.

How has the Electrical Association played a role in your business success?
Developing a great group of peers that you can discuss the electrical industry with. The educational offerings have been a huge benefit. Building friendships with other contractors has been the greatest reward for me. 

What do you see as a challenge for the newer contractors just going into business?
The availability of skilled electricians will be a challenge. The other thing is that new business owners need to build a BUSINESS. Not just create a JOB for themselves.

What drew you to the industry and made you want to become an electrician?
In high school I found I had an aptitude for understanding electrical circuitry. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to pursue after high school, but I didn’t think a four-year college was in the picture for me. In my senior year of high school I decided to pursue the “Construction Electrician” program at what was the vocational school in Jackson, MN.

What part of the job do you find most rewarding?
For the many years that I worked “with the tools,” I found satisfaction in seeing things that I wired operate correctly. Today, I find satisfaction in watching our team make things work. I am blessed to have my family involved in the business.
What projects are you working on?
Our predictive maintenance division, JTI Services, is growing. We are also developing a medium-voltage division.
What keeps you busy outside of work?
My wife and I have two grandchildren with two more on the way. We have a cabin near Longville. We have travelled a lot here and abroad. The only continent we have left is Antarctica. 

What experiences have made you a better person? 
First of all is maturing in my faith and developing a greater perspective of my place in this world. I constantly read and try to educate myself on many subjects. NEVER stop learning.

Has your business been impacted by Covid 19? 
Well, it was a real kick in the shorts, that’s for sure. But opportunities are presenting themselves. Flexibility is the key. If I may offer this to the younger business people... You never know when something like this will happen. Be smart, save your money, get out from under debt.