Member Spotlight

Terry Harmon—Dependable Electric, Coon Rapids


Terry Harmon of Dependable Electric is celebrating 25 years of membership with the Electrical Association! Thank you, Terry, for your loyalty to our organization.

Terry grew up helping in his father’s saw sharpening business. As part of that, he would take apart the machines to replace blades. One of his father’s customers owned an electric motor repair shop and Terry had opportunity to tag along. This customer visit inspired his entry into the electrical industry.

In order to learn more about small engine repair, Terry signed up for a program that taught electric motor repair and electrical in general. George Bavolak of Bavolak Electric visited the school one day and recruited him and his buddy to work on a project at Norma Jeans, then at the Teachers Federation, and a new electrician was born.

Terry worked at Bavolak Electric, City View Electric, and several other shops before starting Dependable Electric in 1996. He had always wanted to run his own business, so when an opportunity to start his own contracting business in conjunction with an existing HVAC contractor presented itself, he jumped at the opportunity. That arrangement lasted two years and when his business partner retired, he bought him out.

Dependable Electric performs a variety of residential and light commercial and industrial services. Because of their HVAC roots, they still specialize in HVAC wiring, but their services offered are much broader than that.

Terry’s relationship with the Electrical Association started when he was in electrical school. The Association was the go-to for purchasing code books and other reference materials. It continued as he worked for Bavolak as he used the continuing education that the Electrical Association offered. Joining the Association as he started his business made perfect sense. Showing Electrical Association affiliation on his trucks is a symbol of quality. Now if he needs a workbook for an apprentice, he knows where to get it.

2021 is looking bright for Terry’s business. He continues to keep really busy and it is shaping up to be the most profitable in five years!
While Dependable Electric occupies most of Terry’s time, and managing the tenants in his building also keeps him on his toes, he does find time to tinker on his ‘66 Mustang. Terry enjoys 60-70s muscle cars and you might catch a glimpse of him at a car show.

Dependable Electric