Agricultural Buildings

1. Wiring methods approved in agricultural buildings include ______.
(a) type SE cable (copper only)
(b) type UF cable
(c) type RMC conduit
(d) All above are approved.

2. “Surface temperature” as used in Article 547.4 means ______.
(a) installed equipment will function at full rating without producing excessive surface temperature more than specified operating range.
(b) care must be exercised when selecting equipment to operate in areas of excessive dust.
(c) certain equipment, where high surface temperatures are normal, shall be provided with inherent over temperature safety equipment.
(d) None of the above.

3. A open type, drip proof motor would not be permitted to installed in an agricultural building.
(a) true
(b) false

4. The minimum size of  bare bonding copper wire required to connect the equipotential plane to the electrical grounding system is # _____ solid.
(a) 4 AWG
(b) 6 AWG
(c) 8 AWG
(d) 10 AWG

5. The site isolating device for structures and buildings is required to be located:
(a) at the distribution point where two or more buildings or structures are supplied from the distribution point
(b) within 25’ feet of entry to the property from the roadway
(c) at the point where the utility demarcation occurs
(d) where directed by the serving utility

6. The sight isolating device is required to provide OCP for loads served.
(a) true
(b) false

1. (d) Ref: Article 547.5(A)
2. (a) Ref: Article 547.4
3. (a) Ref: Article 547.7
4. (c) Ref: Article 547.10(B)
5. (a) Ref: Article 547.9(A)(1)
6. (b) Article 547.9(A)(7)