Member Spotlight

Kyle Jakubiec—Amplified Electric, St Joseph


Congratulations to Amplifed Electric Inc. for their 5-year anniversary with the Electrical Association. Amplified Electric provides Commercial, Industrial, Residential, new construction, remodel and maintenance electrical services.

Kyle Jakubiec works in the field with his crew while his wife Deanna handles the books. Amplified Electric joined the association to make use of our Apprentice Training Course. Kyle appreciates the electrical theory instruction that goes hand-in-hand with his on-the-job training.

While many of our contractors specialize,  Amplified does it all. From replacing a GFCI, to mid- to large-scale commercial, the company’s philosophy is developing relationships with customers and maintaining those relationships. 

Some customers call for assistance frequently, others may only call once or twice a year.  Sometimes those small customers fill the void between larger projects. Somehow it always works out.

Kyle was surrounded with tradesmen growing up. He had mostly carpenter role models. Once he graduated high school he knew he wanted to be in the trades. His uncle happened to be an electrician. Kyle chose electrician as a profession because it was a way he could make a decent living.

As an electrician, he felt a pull to become a contractor and made that leap with faith. Much of his career has evolved by his Christian outlook and looking for opportunities with guidance from God.

As a new contractor, Kyle learned that he was used to collecting a paycheck, and his biggest fear was not getting paid. Initially he felt he ran his business out of fear, constantly chasing that next job and worrying about paying bills. Constant attempts at controlling the situation was stressful and unsustainable. Once he started running the business with confidence, skill, and faith, business seemed to fall in place.

Kyle’s advice to new contractors is, “Don’t be afraid to try a new job out.” He gave an example of a homeowner calling with a gate installation issue. Kyle preferred working for contractors versus direct but he gave it a shot. That choice lead to many more gate installation jobs.

In his spare time, Kyle and his wife take the kids out on the boat fishing. Or when he really needs to decompress, he heads to the Rocky Mountains for some snowmobiling.

Kyle has agreed to join our Membership & Workforce Committee. We are so excited to work with Kyle on new and existing member benefits and the challenges that face the electrical industry when it comes to workforce!

Amplified Electric