Member Spotlight

Kris Thompson & Dan Fournier,
Stafford Home Service—St. Louis Park

For this month’s Member Spotlight, we feature Kris Thompson and Dan Fournier of Stafford Home Service in St Louis Park, MN. The company was founded in 1951 by original owner, Curt Cervin, under the name Cervin Electric. In 1973, the company was sold to Paul Stafford. The service technicians for Paul Stafford Electric were easy to identify by the work vehicles they drove: hearses! Several decades later and in retirement, Mr. Stafford could still be seen driving a hearse as his personal vehicle. 

In 1993, weeks before his high school graduation, Kris was offered a job as an electrical apprentice by Mr. Stafford. At the time, Kris’ older brother was working as an electrician for the company, and Paul very much valued the Thompson family work ethic. Kris gladly accepted the job and never looked back. 

Dan Fournier and Kris were good friends going back to high school together in Elk River. After studying HVAC Installation and Residential Services at Dunwoody College of Technology, Dan went on to work for Centerpoint Energy for several years. In 2003, Kris made the case to Mr. Stafford to expand the business with the addition of HVAC services. Dan was hired on and quickly helped the company increase its revenues. HVAC service now accounts for forty percent of company sales. 

Mr. Stafford sold the business to Kris and Dan in 2007. With the addition of home entertainment and home security options in 2009, the company name was changed to Stafford Home Service. With a commitment to providing customers with quality workmanship and complete satisfaction, the business has since doubled the number of its employees and nearly quadrupled annual revenues. 

Kris and Dan are quick to acknowledge that none of this would be possible without the help of great employees. “How did we get here? Take care of your employees, have good people surrounding you, and you will succeed,” says Thompson. 

Work-life balance is an important part of the company culture at Stafford Home Service and the owners are proud of the fact that their employees are rarely pushed to work overtime, giving them more time to spend at home with family. 

The employees at Stafford Home Service are trained to not only provide quality workmanship, but to be highly responsive to customer needs. “We know that the best employees we’re going to have are the ones that we train from the ground up,” says Thompson. 

The company pays for all employee training and currently has several apprentices enrolled in the Electrical Association’s Online Apprentice Training courses. 

Also, for the last four years, Mike Miller, Director of Education for the Electrical Association, has had the pleasure of coming onsite at Stafford Home Services to provide the crew with annual Code training.  

Kris and his wife Sarah have been married for 24 years and have four children, Logan (18), Ellie (16), Emma (12) and Lucy (9). 

Dan and his wife Michelle have been married for 21 years and are proud parents of their son, Daniel Jr. (19). 

When they are not hard at work, Kris and Dan both enjoy spending their time at home with their families, fishing or working on their cabins.

Stafford Home Service