Member Spotlight

Matt Bergmann, Laketown Electric Corporation (LEC)


Laketown Electric of Waconia was started by David and Christine Bergmann in 1975. It was originally a union shop named Bergmann Electric, but became nonunion in 1982 when the union rejected David’s brother and changed its name to Laketown Electric Corporation (LEC).  

Matt grew up performing electrical as a teen, but upon high school graduation left home for college where he received degrees in Business Management and Communication. In 2010 his dad called him back to Laketown to help resurrect the business, which was suffering due to the Great Recession. Unfortunately, in 2012 David passed away. Shares of the company were passed on to Christine. In 2016, Matt purchased Laketown with his brother.

A 2018 purchase of Javens Electric added a Mankato location to LEC. In 2021, the Rochester location was started. Laketown just recently built a new location in Mankato. The business has grown from 12 employees in 2012 to 130 employees today and continues to look to expand geographically through acquisitions and organic development of new offices. 

Matt operates on a philosophy that his electricians go home to their families every night. In order to maintain this practice, he commits to jobs that are no more than 75 miles from one of his locations. 

Matt purchased his brother’s half of the company in 2020. It comes as no surprise that LEC has been named a Minneapolis and St. Paul Business Journal Fast 50 company for the last six years.
LEC completes a lot of design-build projects with a focus on healthcare facilities, education, commercial buildings, food processing, automation, manufacturing, underground projects, generators and more. Very soon, LEC will start a $9 million electrical project Tartan High School. They currently have over 20 projects with over $1 million per project electrical scope.

All that electrical work requires a well-trained staff.  LEC uses the Electrical Association’s apprenticeship education so they can grow enough journeyworkers. Matt feels the training is important so apprentices don’t get left behind, and newer electricians get to a producing level quicker. Trained apprentices can advance in the company more so than otherwise.

As a newly appointed director of the Electrical Association’s board, Matt appreciates the government advocacy the association has to offer. Matt has participated in press conferences at the Capitol and testified in hearings regarding dreaded project labor agreements. He sits on our Government Action committee. He really likes getting involved in issues he otherwise wouldn’t have any control over. We really appreciate the expertise Matt brings to lead the organization forward.

Many Electrical Association members know the value of belonging through treasured partnerships made with other members. Matt is always looking for like-minded people that LEC can work with to advance the industry as a whole.

With LEC’s exponential growth, you might assume that it is "all business" for Matt; however, outside of work he loves spending time with his wife of 13 years and 5- and 7-year-old daughters. He spends time with the girls coaching soccer and T-Ball. He also enjoys boating, fishing, camping and enjoying the outdoors.

Welcome Matt to the Electrical Association Board of Directors!

Laketown Electric Corporation (LEC)