Industry Report Viking Electric Lighting Design Team’s Dramatic Building Transformation

Submitted by Viking Electric

If you have a project that needs some creativity and design expertise, consider making a call to Viking Electric. Their lighting design team can help electrical contractors of all sizes to manage projects, drive process efficiencies, improve logistics, and increase profitability. Below is a before-and-after example of their fine work! 

After a recent acquisition, this 1985 office facility was in need of a renovation. Located in a highly visible suburb of the Twin Cities, it is a pristine location for attracting tenants. However, the original lighting system accumulated excess energy, supplied insufficient light levels, was difficult to maintain, and contributed to the atrium’s dated interior features. The goal of this project was to provide a previously underutilized atrium with a new lighting and controls package that showcases a vibrant atrium, delivers functionality to the variety of seating options, and complements the atrium’s extensive natural light. 

Viking Electric’s lighting design team worked closely with the building owner, the architect, and the electrical contractor to create a seamless lighting design package that is attractive, affordable, and energy efficient.

In lieu of the outdated recessed fixtures, the Viking Electric design team recommended surface-mounted, linear, LED fixtures. They provide balanced and inconspicuous illumination that creates a striking first impression for building tenants and visitors alike. The removal of the high wattage incandescent and HID fixtures provides a new opportunity for energy efficiency, sustainability, functionality, reduced maintenance, and cost savings.

The new linear LED fixtures are integrated with soft, frosted lenses that provide a gentle view of the discrete illumination. Ease-of-maintenance and accessibility were key considerations for the fixture specifications and placement.

The Viking Electric design team also incorporated an integrated lighting controls system that provides new flexibility and user-friendly lighting presets for special events, meetings, and gatherings; while harnessing the natural light. The design calls for daylighting sensors that are strategically placed to promote additional energy savings. 

In addition, the newly renovated lighting and controls package provides the owner with a fresh environment for tenants and visitors, a maintenance-friendly and energy-efficient solution, and an inviting space to attract new tenants.

For more information about this project or to inquire about Viking Electric’s lighting design services, please contact Jen Pytleski at [email protected].

Before and After:


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