Risk Management Seminars

Submitted by Federated Insurance

Create a culture of risk management in your business with our free Risk Management Academy seminars tailored to the unique needs of individual industries.
Learn to help prevent the losses chipping away at your bottom line.
Connect with industry peers facing similar challenges and insurance professionals committed to helping your business thrive.
Apply what you've learned to make a tangible difference at your business.
These seminars are a great way to get on top of risks that threaten your business.

2½-Day Industry Specific Seminars (Owatonna, MN)

2023 Schedule

Contractors: April 25-27
All Industries: June 20-22
All Industries: November 7-9


FREE! All expenses are covered. This is a complimentary program and the Electrical Association will reimburse members for food and beverage, hotel and mileage. Contact Clara ([email protected]) for details on attending.  

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