Winter and NEC

1. When installing electric heat coils (snow melting mats) under a sidewalk that is being poured at a church what is the rule for GFCI protection?
(a) No GFCI protection on the supply circuit is required for heat mats in contact with the earth.
(b) GFCI protection on the supply circuit must  be rated no more than 100ma.
(c) The manufacturer shall designate the trip level of GFCI protection for this type of equipment.
(d) A standard Class A ground-fault protective device must  be provided for fixed outdoor electric deicing and snow-melting equipment.

2. When considering the suitability of a disconnecting means for fixed outdoor deicing and snow-melting equipment, which of the following conditions apply?
(a) the disconnect is readily accessible to the user of the equipment
(b) the disconnect shall be a minimum of heavy duty rated
(c) the disconnect can be listed
(d) All of the above.

3. Each factory-assembled heating unit shall be legibly marked within ______ of each end of the non-heating leads with the permanent identification symbol, catalog number, and ratings in volts and watts or in volts and amperes.
(a) 2" (c) 6"
(b) 3" (d) 9"

4. Embedded deicing and snow-melting units cannot exceed _____ watts/ ft²
(a) 90 (c) 120
(b) 140 (d) 150

5. Fixed outdoor electric deicing and snow-melting equipment shall be considered ______.
(a) a noncontinuous load
(b) a continuous load
(c) a non-coincidental  load
(d) none of the above

6. Installation of nonhealing leads for exposed equipment must be protected by ______.
(a) rigid metal conduit
(b) electrical metallic tubing
(c) nonmetallic rigid conduit
(d) all the above

1. (c) Ref: 426.28
2. (a) Article 426.50(A)
3. (b) Article 426.25
4. (c) Article 426.20
5. (b) Article 426.4
6. (d) Article 426.23