Member Spotlight

Tom Daley—Daley Electric LLC, Newport

Happy 10th membership anniversary to Daley Electric! 

Daley Electric LLC celebrated 10 years of being a member of the Electrical Association back in November, but the company has been around for years. Tom Daley and his team are helping people with their industrial, commercial, and residential needs in Newport, Minnesota and throughout the greater Twin Cities.

If Tom had stuck to his original plan of going to college, Daley Electric might never have existed. In the early 1990’s, Tom went to college in St Paul. After a year, he decided that college wasn't for him. Tom’s father was an electrician, and Tom had experience working with tools so he decided to begin his journey to becoming an electrician. Tom had his license for about seven years when he was asked to be a partner in another company. Eventually Tom split from the company to start Daley Electric LLC on April 1, 2011. At the start of Daley Electric, it was just Tom working out of his van, and now the company has grown to have 50 employees! 

Tom has had a successful career in the electrical industry and his great personality has helped. Tom is a people person and loves talking to people. Throughout his career, Tom has learned how to deal with difficult people and/or personalities and be able to work with them. He loves to help people and will help anyone complete a project. 

Like many others in the industry, the biggest obstacle that Tom has faced in the past few years is material shortages. It has been hard to find items for projects, which makes doing jobs difficult. Even through the shortages, Tom has been staying busy by working on multiple projects such as grocery stores and industrial buildings. 

There are two things that Tom finds rewarding when completing a job: time and money. Finishing a job on time and on budget is very rewarding to Tom. His success rate for completing jobs on time and on budget is about 80%. Way to go, Tom! 

A conversation with another member of the association led to Daley Electric to join themselves. Tom had asked a fellow electrician a question and was advised to get in touch with the staff at the Electrical Association. Through this interaction, Tom discovered that the association is a great resource for information where he can call any time and get answers right away.

Tom’s wife, Jackie, has also seen the benefit of being a member of the Electrical Association. Aside from attending association events and taking part in the ETN of MN committee, Jackie says that the association’s apprenticeship program is the most valuable benefit that their company uses.    

When Tom is not working, he has plenty of hobbies to keep himself busy. In his spare time, Tom enjoys hunting, golfing, spending time with his family, and traveling. Most recently, Tom was able to get away from the cold Minnesota weather and spend some time in Jamaica. He said the trip was lovely, but he is happy to be back home. 

We are so grateful to have Tom and Daley Electric members of the Electrical Association!