Work Habits that are Admirable

by Clara Albert, CAE, Executive Director

Part of my role at the Association is to continuously ensure we have the right resources in place to deliver high quality products to our members and to the electrical industry.  Quarter 1, 2023, we invested in work around our team that aligned our digital and human capabilities. Through innovative strategies and customized plans, we are now better set up for future growth and sustainability.  

Along with the functional alignment came a lot of clarity.  This came in the form of reporting, key success measures and top priorities. By measuring team members on concrete initiatives as well as behavioral objectives, the right culture will form for the needs of this organization.  

The work being done with the Association team is not unique to us or our industry. Have you thought about the core values that you want in your current team as well as new hires? When thinking about ‘work habits’ that might make your crew members indispensable and on the fast track to promotions, consider the following:   

Managing their own work, these employees:

  • Always take and keep full responsibility for all tasks, projects and instructions given to them.
  • Ask questions including clarifications and advice.
  • Keep a written list that includes deadlines, location of documentation, level of authority, resources for help.
  • Give regular progress reports, including adjustments in deadlines.
  • Immediately report mistakes and bring suggestions for solutions.
  • Rarely ask supervisors or co-workers to repeat assignments or instructions. It is necessary for each person to keep a list of their own tasks and deadlines—they understand that asking others to keep track of their projects is a sure way to be passed over for promotions and likely to lead to demotions or worse.

Success Tip:
Identify those people who are consistently asked to lead projects and ask them to explain how they manage their workload. 

Accuracy and quality—shows that employees know how to work in ways that are smart, efficient and productive. One of their key work habits is to:
  • Always double check and, when necessary, triple check their own work. Whether it is adding twice to double check their own totals, proofing their own orders, etc.
  • Never ask a co-worker or supervisor to check their work until they have double-checked it themselves first.

Success Tip:
Consistently double-checking work does not waste time—it saves time.

Solving problems—They always keep ownership of their work and use problems as a learning experience. 
  • Always doing their best to go as far as they can. Immediately asking for help when they are stumped. Once they have figured it out—updating the instructions before moving on to another project.
  • Never dropping the problem in the lap of their supervisor—expecting them to solve it. They want to know for themselves.

Success Tip: Make it your goal to become the “go to” person in your company for solving problems.

While training usually focuses on technical skills and business knowledge, employee results are improved by teaching good work habits. 

When good work habits are taught to all employees, a common understanding about what employees can expect from each other is created and both motivation and productivity will improve.


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