All-Star Trainers

Jeff Kunkel


Jeff is more than an instructor here. He has served in several roles of leadership at the Electrical Association over the past 25 years: student; member; volunteer; instructor; Chair of the Workforce Development Committee, Education committee and the Board of Directors. Jeff has been a trainer in our apprentice program since 2001 back in the olden days when we were instructing in the classroom. We are happy he stayed and helped us make the technological jump to our online courses. He also instructs continuing education classes both in-person and online.

Electrical credentials:  Minnesota Master “A”; Minnesota CE instructor

Experience:  Working as an electrician for the family business since high school 

Contractor, owner, or principal of: Third-generation owner of Kunkel Electric for 6 years

Experience as a trainer with the Electrical Association:  Since 2000, NEC Code updates, apprentice classes, continuing education in class and online  

Publications, awards, certifications:  Electrical Association Certified Trainer

Professional organization affiliations:  Kunkel Electric has been a member of the Electrical Association since 1968. Jeff is serving a third (and final) term as Maple River School Board member

Family, hobbies, interests:  Jeff and his wife, Vicki, have six kids. Samantha is a civil engineer in Colorado. AJ is an apprentice with Kunkel Electric. Tanner is living in Grand Forks and working in retail. Jonathan is a senior in High School and contemplating his future. Nick and Zach are in various activities at school. Vicki and I like to travel to visit family and attend activities the kids are involved in. 

When asked who is his role model, Jeff replied: I have been lucky to have a lot of good role models in my life, but two that stand out are my Grandpa Bernie and my Dad Mike. They both showed me that by working hard when it is time to work, a person can balance their work life against a lot of other things including family, community, and serving others.

Jeff is also currently the Chair of our Board of Directors. His two-year term will end in April 2024. He has done a great job leading the Association, he comes to us with ideas and solutions, and we are thankful for his service. We receive an endless stream of positive feedback from his students. The Association is proud to have him on the team!

Jeff's name in the Washington Post? He consulted with one of their writers on a DIY article on how to swap out light fixtures. Even the "Electrical Association" got a little nod in the article. Jeff never shies away from a challenge or an opportunity!  

Read it for yourself: "Light fixtures can make or break a space. Here's how to change one yourself." Published January 19, 2023.